Turkish M1935

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3rd of December 2019 at 10:19 PM
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Turkish M1935 “Leafspring” Bayonet & Scabbard

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The M1935 is the final Turkish bayonet type designed for use with their Mauser pattern rifles. There were new manufacture bayonets. However, the M1935 designation is also applied more broadly to a bewildering variety of similarly dimensioned bayonets cobbled together using recycled parts from older bayonets held in storage.

Most all are marked AS.FA which is an abbreviation for Askari Fabrika (military factory)

This example is one of these recycled builds and is in good serviceable condition. It is a leafspring latch variant with 14mm wide fullers and is cataloged as OTB 12-140 in the Ottobre Reference.

It is in fair condition. Metal finish shows wear and age patina. Blade has been sharpened and has some minor nicks in the cutting edge. There is some staining on the blade and it has minimal drag marks from the scabbard throat. Inserts and draws from scabbard smoothly and has good retention. Grip scales are tight and uncracked. Right panel is missing some wood on either side of the leafspring (see photos). Press-stud moves freely and spring tension is good. Steel scabbard which is freckled and kinda banged up like most of these Turkish M1935’s seem to be.

Overall a good example of one of the Turkish re-works that would display well in any collection.

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