How It Works

This site is much like other online auctions sites except it focuses on military surplus and collectibles, firearms, gun parts and the like.  Note: all times on the site are in EST.


Sellers are to post auctions like on many similar sites with a starting price and buyers are to bid what they are willing to pay.  Sellers cannot have reserve prices or accept offers.  The only way a buyer can be determined from this site is from the winner of the auction.  Please include shipping information and costs in the listing and how you will accept payment.  

For buyers, bid what you want to pay.  There is no ”max bid” or similar features on this site.  What you bid is what you pay.  There are also no ”buy it now” or hidden reserves.  If you have question about an item, please contact the seller before bidding.  If you do not plan on paying for an item, do not bid.  Non-Paying bidders can be removed from the site.  

Buyers and sellers should both act swiftly to complete their transactions by paying and shipping in a timely manner.  A good rule of thumb to complete both of these tasks is 3 business days.  

MilsurpExchange is not involved in the sale and transfer of items and never takes possession of the money or products.  This is just a site to connect buyers and sellers of various products.  Buyers and sellers should take actions to protect themselves such as paying with USPS Money Orders and shipping items with tracking numbers and insurance.  

Firearms, firearm parts and ammo is to be sold and shipped in accordance with local, state and federal laws.  If you are unsure about them, contact the the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosive at 1-800-ATF-GUNS and visit the ATF website at

This site does contain mostly American buyers and sellers and much of the instructions and features of this site are targeted at them.  International buyers and sellers are responsible for knowing their local laws and acting accordingly.  

Failure to follow the terms and conditions can result in removal from the site.